Tunnel Type Vial Washing Machine

Tunnel Type Vial Washing Machine

Rs 10 Lakh / Unit

Tunnel Type Vial Washing Machine
  • Model NLVW-120
  • Air Consumption 12 to 15 CFM
  • Water Consumption 450 to 650 Lt per hour
  • Water tank capacity 50 L
  • Vial Diameter 20 mm to 32 mm*
  • Electric Supply 220 V AC
  • Power 4.0 H.P
  • Conveyor Height 815 to 940 mm
  • Overall Dimensions 3234 mm (L) x 1675 mm (W) x 1675 mm (H)
Automatic Tunnel Type Vial Washing Machine specially designed machine also available for 2 ml Vial Size. Machine construction is in Stainless Steel finish including frame structure. All parts coming in contact with Washing Zone and Jets are made from SS-316 Materials. Intermittent handling of Vials ensures the maximum time for washing and also saves the Water through No Container - No Water system. Machine also offers various customised options for washing sequence as per customers requirements. Washing process takes place with Five different Washing Zones each with 10 nozzles for optimum washing. Machine also equipped with external washing of Bottles.

  • 60 Jets for 6 washing zones
  • All contact parts made of SS-316 material
  • Machine construction in SS-304 material
  • Washing sequence can be made as per customers requirements.
  • Built-in 2 Pumps and 2 Tanks
  • Each washing zone with independent circuit to avoid contamination
  • Automatic In-feed and Exit of Vials

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