Multi Column Distillation Plant

Rs 10 Lakh / Unit

Multi Column Distillation Plant
  • Automatic Grade Automatic
  • Design Standard
  • Capacity 1000 L/H
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Voltage 380 V
  • Power Supply 10 kW
Multi Column Distillation Plant

Multiple Effect Stills
The Neelam multiple effect stills consist of a series of pressure vessels in the form of columns, called distillation columns or effects, that are interconnected, communicating vessels. Each column is divided into two parts: a double tube sheet (DTS) heat exchanger that acts as an evaporator, and an upper chamber used to separate pyrogens preventing the drops carrying impurities from reaching the end of the column. Multi Column Distillation Plant is supplied as a compact unit on a skid with all components readily accessible.

  • Inlet water conductivity monitoring
  • Point to obtain pure steam from the first column
  • Condenser for higher WFI
  • Hot stand-by mode
  • Sanitization/Sterilization of the different columns and WFI condensers Protection panels

Generated WFI meeting the below-specified standards microbiological standard
  • conductivity
  • microbial limit
  • physio chemical standard
  • ammonia
  • calcium
  • carbon dioxide
  • heavy metals
  • total solids
  • chlorides
  • sulphates
  • ph =5-7
  • conductivity at still outlet
  • nitrate

In compliance with :

cGMP, GAMP, ISO 9001 : 2008

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