Flexible Spiral Conveyor

Flexible Spiral Conveyor

Rs 10 Lakh / Unit

Flexible Spiral Conveyor
  • Capacity 60 kg/meter
  • Design Customized
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Automatic grade Semi-automatic
  • Type Spiral, flexible
Flexible Screw Conveyor technology is the leading conveyor technology for the widest range of material particle, bulk densities and flow properties. Flexible Screw Conveyors are often the lowest cost means of transferring dry bulk solids from one point to another.

Dust-free in operation :
The Spiroflow flexible screw conveyor is completely sealed operation. Air isn''t used as a conveying medium, there''s no risk of dust contamination or humidity from the atmosphere. In addition, the presence of dust can cause not only airborne contamination of other products, but can also pose a threat to the working environment.

Gentle handling of product
The rotating flexible screw conveyor spiral, being centralised within the conveying tube, gently moves the material without degrading it. Its unique action also eliminates the risk of mixed product separation.

Constant remixing
The action of the Spiroflow flexible screw conveyor ensures the material is being constantly remixed.

This is particularly important when feeding pre-mixed product to packaging and tabletting machinery.

Design simplicity :
Simplicity of operation is the key element in Spiroflow flexible screw conveyors. The only moving part is the motor driven spiral which rotates within a sealed tube to move the materials along with it. This eliminates the need for any additional operating equipment such as filters or bearings -resulting in a system that''s low on installation costs and high on efficiency and performance.

Easy to clean :
The simplicity of the Spiroflow flexible screw conveyor system makes cleaning a simple operation. The electric motor may be reversed to empty the conveyor of residual material which can then be flushed out with water or cleaning solution. If necessary, the spiral can be quickly removed from the tube, and optional quick release connectors enable rapid dismantling and reassembly to minimise downtime.

Low maintenance :
As the only moving part of a Spiroflow flexible screw conveyor is its robust inner spiral, trouble-free operation is ensured

Some basic facts about Spiroflow flexible screw conveyors.
Special motors are also available to your specification. Fixed or variable speed.
  1. Motor adaptor and spiral connector in mild steel or stainless steel.
  2. 45 degree or horizontal outlet assembly in mild steel/painted, or stainless steel.
  3. Dust-tight tube fitting.
  4. High and low level control.
  5. Abrasion resistant polymer outer tube.
  6. Flexible screw conveyor spiral in spring steel or stainless steel.
  7. Inlet assembly in mild steel/painted, or stainless steel.
  8. Feed restrictor to regulate material flow.
  9. Feed hopper in standard size or to customer''s specifications.
Spiroflow flexible screw conveyor spiral selection.
The ROUND SPIRAL flexible screw conveyor forces some of the solids outwards between the spiral and the tube, which reduces friction and lowers the load on the drive motor. Its gentle tumbling action disperses the product within the tube, preventing separation of mixtures, actually aiding the mixing process. Round spirals provide the best combination of conveying and mixing efficiency, strength and long life.

The FLAT SPIRAL flexible screw conveyor, manufactured from rectangular wire, directs more positive forward force in the direction of flow and increases capacity slightly. It is particularly suitable for light, aerated or very fine materials which demand a greater surface area to assist their movement, with less fallback. Typical applications would be for talcum powder, fire extinguisher powder, filter aids (e.g. diatomaceous earth).


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