Dry Heat Steriliser

Dry Heat Sterilizer

Rs 10 Lakh / Unit

Dry Heat Sterilizer
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Inner Chamber SS 316
  • Maximum Temperature 300 deg C
  • Working Temperature 250 deg C
It is Neelam Industries policy to deliver high quality cGMP-design in every aspect of the Dry Heat Steriliser, Sterilizer and to be in com­pliance with all major di­rectives within the pharma­ceutical industry.

We have specialized within the field of dry heat sterilizers for sterile production since the late twenties and can proudly say that the current design is a result of always trying to apply to the highest demands of our customers.

  • Neelam Industries depyrogenation steriliser are capable of performing up to 280 ° C, during the entire cycle. We have achieved this, due to our unique chamber construction and filter suspension system, and our never ending work for further improvements.
  • High Temperature Hepa Filters High Temp HEPA filters are installed at inlet and exhaust side of the DHS. The HEPA-filters inside the chamber are equipped with full depth and height of chamber for suspension system solving the particle problem during heating and cooling.
  • Chamber The Neelam Industries depyrogenation steriliser is made of stainless steel 316L. The chamber is fully welded inside, no leakage to the insulation can occur and the chamber is very easy to clean. The water cooling element is a continuous welded unit without any connections inside the cabinet boundary. It is pressure tested and is expected to last the lifetime of the steriliser.
  • Door gasket As standard, Neelam Industries sterilizers are equipped with double door gaskets (FDA-approved). The purpose of dou­ble door gasket is to render maximum security, allowing no leakage between the chamber and the out­side.
  • Further more the double gasket minimizes the surface temperature of the sterilizer, and any undesired air flow in the sterile area.

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