Continuous Cooking Machine

Continuous Cooking Machine

Rs 10 Lakh / Unit

Continuous Cooking Machine
  • Size 150 kgs/hr to 5000 kgs/hr
  • Power 1 HP
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Automation grade Automatic
  • Hydraulic Pressure 8 Kg/Cm2
  • Voltage 220 V
Continuous cooking machine / system is designed for producing flavored rice/grain dishes such as Asian 'sticky' rice, Spanish rice, pulav, jeera rice, Pasta and similar grain products where control of cooked rice quality is required.

Our Continuous Grain Cooking Machine loaded with completely automated PLC system with touch screen controls, a single operator is able to manage the entire system. The PLC-based recipe program precisely controls the rate of water, rice/ grain and vegetable addition to achieve user-defined control. This Continuous Food Grain Machine is capable of delivering good quality boiled Spanish Rice in bulk volume so this is also called Spanish Rice Cooling Machine in Spain.

  • Auto dosing of raw Product :- We have designed the auto dosing conveying system for product dosing into continuous cooker hopper.
  • Main Conveyor :- The main conveyor is controlled by PLC with variable frequency drive so that speed of conveyor can be controlled automatically.
  • Feeding valve :- The feeding valve is controlled by PLC with variable frequency drive to control the flow of raw material into the cooking machine.
  • Salt addition :- The machine is provided with automatic salt addition in water and finally added to rice cooking vessel automatically.
  • Blending :- Inbuilt mixing arrangement for material transferred for cooking.
  • Jacket :- Dimple jacketed for uniform heating of material.

Applications :- For the cooking of rice, grains of various geometries


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